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Podcamp Media's
Lead Balloon Podcast

Public Relations, Marketing & Strategic Communications Disaster Stories
Told by the Well-Meaning Comms Professionals Who Lived Them

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On Lead Balloon, professional communicators share tales of the do-or-die situations that defined public relations and marketing careers—how they planned for the unexpected, how they navigated high-profile crises, and what they learned in the process. 


With immersive storytelling and a wry sense of humor, host Dusty Weis revisits epic PR disasters, intense communications scenarios, professional inflection points and notable campaigns we all remember, and usually finds a reason to chuckle.


Because sometimes, there are important lessons to be learned from someone else's worst day.


And sometimes, it's just more convenient than group therapy. Tune in monthly for new episodes. 

Dusty Weis is a former radio news reporter turned PR and content marketing professional, and loves to tell a good story. A Midwesterner at heart, his career has taken him all over the globe to build a background in business, technology, politics and so much more. He's also the founder and president of Podcamp Media, a podcast production agency for businesses proudly based in Milwaukee, Wisconsin. 

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Lead Balloon Honored By Adweek As
"Marketing Podcast of the Year" 


"Weis has finally breathed life into an exciting and educational topic that, surprisingly, rarely had a compelling platform until now."

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Episode Transcripts

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