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The Official Launch Announcement

Updated: May 15, 2019

Okay, here’s the big news. I’m excited to announce the launch of Podcamp Media, a branded podcast production agency, and my career transition to the role of entrepreneur.

In today’s mediascape, there’s more demand than ever for media that cut through the marketing and allow brands to share their stories with customers and members on a personal level. After all, no one likes being marketed to, but most folks will stop and listen to a good story.

I’ve experienced the power of the podcasting medium firsthand in hosting and producing the AEM Thinking Forward Podcast. I’m grateful for the opportunities, and excited to announce I’ll still get to help build momentum for the equipment industry in a new role with the AEM team. My work on the Thinking Forward Podcast will continue, and I can’t thank AEM enough for signing on as Podcamp’s first client.

Businessowner is not a role I’d have envisioned for myself five years ago, but I see limitless potential in this new venture. The way people consume media is changing—they want their programming on-demand, and they resent being advertised at. It’s exhilarating to build a business model that helps brands cater to this new paradigm, and I hope you’ll follow Podcamp Media on social media to keep up with this exciting journey.

If you’re interested in learning more about Podcamp, I’d happily make time to fill you in on the details. Call me at (414) 215-0501 or email

Thanks for all your enthusiasm and support. “Stay tuned,” as they say.

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