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Celebrating 20 Years Behind a Mic With Dusty Weis's First Audio Boss, Scott Thompson

20 years ago, Dusty Weis—host of the Lead Balloon Podcast and founder of Podcamp Media—got his first job behind a microphone.

Dusty was 17-years-old, working an after school gig at his local radio station in Monroe, Wisconsin, when he was afforded the opportunity to voice the overnight shift and eventually ride the news desk.

It ignited a passion for storytelling and audio that has guided his career ever since—during his 10 years in the radio business, then his career in public relations and content marketing, and finally in his role as founder of Podcamp Media and host of Lead Balloon. Connecting with and serving an audience has always been a guiding star.

So in this this bonus episode of Lead Balloon, Dusty calls up his first audio boss, Scott Thompson—co-owner of Big Radio in Monroe and afternoon show host—to talk about those formative experiences, lessons, people and memories that set the stage for every step in his career that would come after.

Plus, we dig into the archive and pull out a few audio clips from early in Dusty's career, just for giggles.

Lead Balloon will be back with new episodes in 2023.

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