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Podcamp Media Launching Latest Podcast Venture, "Back of the Napkin"

Podcamp Media is thrilled to announce the Jan. 27 launch of SurePayroll’s new podcast Back of the Napkin, where entrepreneurs from all across the country share stories of their big journeys in small business.

“Origin stories are a rite of passage in the world of small business,” Podcamp President Dusty Weis said. “My own experience as a startup entrepreneur trying to grow during this global pandemic has given me a renewed appreciation for how small business owners have to get creative and hustle just to make it.”

“Many podcasts have explored the topic of entrepreneurialism,” Weis said. “But Back of the Napkin is unique and notable because it celebrates the successes of micro-entrepreneurs, exploring the hard-earned lessons and creativity that have allowed America’s smallest businesses to thrive and make an impact in their communities.”

In addition to consulting on the project, Weis will serve as show co-host with SurePayroll senior content marketing specialist Stephanie Davis. Together, the pair will interview a different entrepreneur in each episode, exploring unique business ideas and sharing strategies for starting and growing a small business.

“Stephanie and the rest of the SurePayroll team are so creative and full of energy, it has been a real treat helping them launch this project,” Weis said. “They have a distinctive, under-served niche audience with incredible stories to share, and that makes this podcast an excellent opportunity to connect with America’s small business owners and provide them with value.”

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