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Introducing the SWIB Podcast

MEDIA ADVISORY – FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE October 13, 2020 For more information, contact: Dusty Weis, President of Podcamp Media

Podcamp Media to Produce “The SWIB Podcast: Wisconsin Retirement System Insights”

MILWAUKEE & MADISON, Wis.—Milwaukee’s branded podcast production agency, Podcamp Media, was selected by the State of Wisconsin Investment Board (SWIB) for help in launching SWIB’s first-ever podcast, Podcamp owner Dusty Weis announced.

And, working in conjunction with SWIB’s communications team, Podcamp Media is pleased to launch “The SWIB Podcast: Wisconsin Retirement System Insights.

“I couldn’t be more excited to get this new project off the ground,” Weis said. “Not everyone realizes that Wisconsin has one of the best-managed public employee pension systems in the nation. During my time covering the Wisconsin State Capitol as a news reporter, I got to learn a little bit about SWIB and the Wisconsin Retirement System (WRS), and I’ve always been impressed by their quiet competence and foresight.”

“SWIB manages the WRS on behalf of more than 650,000 current and former state and local public employees, and I see this podcast as a wonderful opportunity to introduce those WRS members to the incredible people who work on their behalf, day in and day out. These members have a vested interest in how these pension funds are managed, and I see endless potential in using this new medium to keep them looped in on that process.”

The podcast is hosted by SWIB Communications Specialist Chris Preisler, with Weis serving as co-host and producer. Each month, the pair will interview a new SWIB staffer or other relevant guest.

In Episode One of the SWIB Podcast, Preisler and Weis interview SWIB Executive Director and Chief Investment Officer David Villa. Together, they discuss the financial implications of the COVID-19 Coronavirus pandemic for WRS members, how SWIB has pivoted to continue to serve seamlessly its members during the era of social distancing, and what members should keep in mind amid the ongoing market turmoil. Two more episodes have also been produced and released, with more on the way.

“We couldn’t ask for a more knowledgeable podcast guest than Mr. Villa,” Weis said. “He’s one of those people who make you smarter just by talking in your general vicinity. I’m certain that WRS members will find reassurance in learning more about the expertise that David brings to the table as executive director.”

Launched in the summer of 2019, Podcamp Media is a Milwaukee-based media production agency specializing in branded podcasts for businesses. Using high-production value on-demand audio, supporting video and social media, Podcamp helps companies and associations engage their customers and members through targeted storytelling.

Prior to founding Podcamp Media, Weis worked as the strategic communications manager at the Association of Equipment Manufacturers and the public relations supervisor at Milwaukee City Hall. He was a reporter and news anchor at WIOD-AM in Miami, Fla. and WTDY-AM in Madison, Wis., and was also a correspondent for the CBS Radio news network.

In addition to the SWIB Podcast, Podcamp manages production of St. Louis-based “Wherever Jon May Roam: The National Corn Growers Association Podcast” and the PR and marketing storytelling podcast, “Lead Balloon.” The “Association of Equipment Manufacturers Thinking Forward Podcast” is another of the agency’s past projects.

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