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Introducing, the Lead Balloon Podcast

"Do something original, or don't bother."

This is the blunt assessment I share with potential clients when I first meet them about the branded podcast production services we provide at Podcamp.

There are more than a half million active podcasts, and that number is growing all the time. I've said in the past that, if you're going to stand out in that crowd, you need to know your niche and do something different.

Well, "What's sauce for the goose is sauce for the gander," as they say 'round these parts. And since I need a podcast to promote my own brand here at Podcamp, you'd be within your rights to call me a hypocrite if I blasted yet another "marketing best practices" interview-of-the-week-style show into the ether.

It's been done. There are already folks who've been doing it longer, and frankly, they probably do it better than I would.

So instead, I'm pleased to announce the launch in January of "Lead Balloon." This is a show focused on immersive storytelling. And the stories we will tell are about the most epic PR and Marketing disasters we can find people to talk about.

Why the focus on disasters? Well, it was Jedi Master Yoda who said, "The greatest teacher, failure is." Every mistake prefaces a lesson to be learned; and in my experience, learning about other people's mistakes is easier than making them yourself.

So I'm excited to launch this fun new approach to "marketing worst practices," and I hope you'll join me in laughing along with our industry peers as we re-live the worst days we've ever had on the job.

If you've got a story that someone else can learn from, please reach out right away. Otherwise, subscribe now to Lead Balloon so you're in the loop come January.


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